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Daniel ten Brinke

Daniel ten Brinke is President of the German Federal Association for Emigration Consulting & Foreign Trade Promotion e.V. (Bundesverband Auswandererberatung & Außenwirtschaftsförderung e.V. - BVAA e.V.) in Berlin and the only Emigration Consultant in Germany who is officially licensed by the German Federal Administration for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

He is also CEO of the EAGLE Group (GER) - - and the Bridge to Success Group (UAE) - - as well as initiator of the UAE Business Academy (

He has been a resident in Dubai for 10 years and is a Business Consultant specialized in Corporate and Project Financing Strategies as well as Business Scaling. Once a year, he organizes the globally recognized Investors Congress "Bridge to Success - Exchange of Excellence" in Abu Dhabi, UAE.​

​He is a trained lawyer and worked for the American Consulate General in Düsseldorf for 10 years. In 1999 / 2000, he was a delegate to the United Nations in New York for the establishment of the International Criminal Court.

Daniel ten Brinke
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Seminars, Key Notes, Interviews and more...

The Online Workshop: "Business in the U.A.E." 


Learn everything about becoming successful in the Emirates!


In 29 Videos our CEO, Daniel ten Brinke, explains everything about

  • Finding the right Investors and Strategic Partners in the UAE.

  • How to communicate and negotiate with Arab Partners.

  • Preparation of the first Meetings.

  • Setting up the right Company Type.

  • Becoming Resident.

  • Getting Health Insurance.

and many more Information about how to avoid expensive Mistakes...



This short Footage shows some Impressions of our "Exchange of Excellence" - Investors Congresses in Abu Dhabi in 2022. Find all Videos of the Key Notes, Awards, Interviews and Incentives on and

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During our delegation trip we were invited to a reception at the residence of the German Ambassador in the UAE. On the sidelines of this reception, H.E. Alexander Schönfelder gave us the honor to briefly ask him some questions. The interview was conducted by Daniel ten Brinke.

On the sidelines of the NUMOV Round Table in Berlin, we had the great honor to conduct a short interview with H.E. Dieter Lamlé, the German Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, about current political and economic developments. The interview was conducted by Daniel ten Brinke.

During our delegation trip to the UAE, we had the great honor to have a short conversation with the German Consul General in Dubai, H.E. Sybille Pfaff, on the sidelines of a joint trade fair visit. The interview was conducted by Daniel ten Brinke.

The fun is over?! Turn of the times in the Real Estate Market?! If things continue like this, we will be back in 2007 - and what, please, is supposed to occur to set a (hypothetical) development in motion to counteract such a catastrophe? Whatch our Talk with Adrian Koppenhöfer.



ARTIKEL DER RHEINISCHEN POST Der RP-Artkel vom 14.12.16 beschäftigt sich sich mit dem Umzug der EAGLE Group mit der Hauptverwaltung in den Historischen Bahnhof der Kreisstadt Mettmann in der Nähe von Düsseldorf

ARTIKEL DER RHEINISCHEN POST Der RP-Artkel vom 20.05.14 beschäftigt sich mit einer seitens der EAGLE Group initiierten Vortragsveranstaltung mit Ding Dagang, Chefrepräsentant der chin. Jiangsu-Provinz in Europa, zum Thema "Akquise von chinesischen Investoren für Kommunen in NRW".

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