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The EAGLE Group is an Association of Companies that bundle their network and core competencies from the respective fields of activity in order to be able to offer our Customers a well-rounded Spectrum of Services. This is based solely on the Customer's interests and offers the highest Probability of Success.

For more than 10 years, we have specialized in the field of Corporate and Project Financing and offer our Clients tailor-made Strategies in the areas of Seed Capital, Venture Capital and Private Equity.

In addition, we focus on finding Strategic Partners to help our Clients scale their Business internationally - to the Arab region (especially through the United Arab Emirates), to Asia (especially China), to the USA, India or to various African markets.  Strictly oriented to the benchmark of absolute reliability for our Partners!

We are the only Consultant worldwide, which is OFFICIALLY LICENSED by the German Government for the United Arab Emirates and officially recommended by the BVAA e.V.!



Dubai is the city of countless Opportunities - but also the City of broken Promises!

We are the only Emigration Consultant based in Germany and the Emirates, which is officially licensed by the German Government!

DUBAI CHECK was developed with the Motivation to protect you in the beautiful City and to initiate a reputable provider and - finally - an independent Examiner and Reviewer of third party proposals, who seriously and honestly filters out alleged fortune seekers for you.

CHECK 1 = Analysis of your own Potential

You are considering whether a move to the Emirates is worthwhile and you would like to receive serious advice that informs you honestly, free of charge and without obligation about the great potentials, but also potential risks.
We will be happy to take care of Company Formation, Visa Applications, opening Bank Accounts, Insurance Issues or Real Estate Brokerage for you.
All from one Provider - serious and 100% reliable!

CHECK 2 = Review of Third-Party Proposals

Transparency is most important! You have already received an offer for a company formation or any other Service from a third-party provider, but you do not know whether this provider is reputable, nor whether the offer is appropriate or overpriced: In that Case, feel invited to send all documents to us. We will check the Provider and create total Cost Transparency!

CHECK 3 = Assistance in Cases of Fraud

There are many black sheep who take money for bad services or wrong advice. If you have lost money in the Emirates, we will be happy to have the matter checked by our German and Emirati Network of Lawyers.

The Emirates are not a legal Vacuum. We will help you to enforce your Rights!


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IMPORTANT NOTICES: The Website "Dubai Check" does not provide any legal or tax advice of its own, but is active in the field of Business Consulting,
which is supplemented by the advice of external Lawyers and Tax Advisors.

This Website is only composed in English and German Language! If you see an Option for Translation in Arabic, German, French or any other Language, this is generated automatically by your Web-Browser with Services like Google Translator etc. BTS does not have any Influence on these Translations and therefore cannot be liable for any Mistakes!

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