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Investing in the EAGLE Group


The EAGLE Group enables its customers to take part in our company, our expertise, and our projects in the form of subordinated loans. This initiative actually came from our customers and partners, who approached us about it. We are very glad that more and more customers want to become part of our history of success. This is a great proof of trust, that we would never break. Contact us to learn about the requirements, and the lucrative interest rates.


Along with investing in our company, interested parties have the opportunity to take part in one of the Eagle Group's investment funds directly or indirectly. Here, too, the classic areas of renewable energies and real estate make up the core content. With the Eagle Group, however, you can not only invest in a fond, but we are also looking for partners for creating new funds together. You can just become your own fond initiator – as a cooperation partner of the Eagle Group that is not problem at all. Our network has years of experience and exceptional expertise in initiating and distributing investment fonds. Did you become curious? Then we will be glad to receive your inquiry!

Investment through other Asset Managers

Currently overnight money in many banks is somewhere between a mere 0.01% and 0.05% interest – which means that if you deposit 10,000.00 Euros in the bank, the bank will give you exactly 10 Euros after one year! That's a bad deal!


Banks attribute this interest (if you can call it that at all) to the low base rates. Do not be fooled. Give your money to people who have been working with it successfully for years, and who are creating the best returns (see below) with it even nowadays. We currently offer you (in combination with a deposit for asset management) 3.2% return on overnight money! This involves reliable assets that are commonly secured. We provide you with the best interest in the city!


Many of our clients have granted us their trust a long time ago by depositing their money at the asset managers that cooperate with us.


The right decision!

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