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The Eagle Group and its shareholders have great expertise in planning and constructing PV plants. Over 20 MW of private equity and debt component speak quite clearly of the undoubted and profound expert knowledge combined with years of experience in order to provide the best possible service that you can find in this sector.


Along with our own expertise, we have also found a broad and trustworthy network in the sectors of wind, bio mass, and cogeneration providing the same level of expertise and the same commitment towards the customer that we have.


That is why we will be glad to receive projects and project ideas from these areas as well. We will be glad to support you in the search for the right partners, the right environment, the governmental regulations (also abroad, with our partner agency), and all other questions to make your project possible.



Plant Mediation and Evaluation


Plant mediation, that often comes with evaluation, has become a core business of ours in the recent years. Many initiators created new liquidity by selling their plants. Many institutional investors aimed at changing their plant mix and decided to consult the Eagle Group in order to sell or buy their plants. The Eagle Group supports both parties – and also lets them meet, should that be desired. The core principle of our work is: The safety and security of our customers and cooperation partners. Our expertise, our advice and our support will be at your disposal at all times.

For this we always have a pool of plants for sale, but we can also acquire offers according to your needs or desires in a short amount of time. Our specially developed pre-check system allows us to eliminate mock-offers, that are unfortunately quite abundant on nowadays' market, so that our customers do not unnecessarily lose time and money.



Financial Planning and Capital Acquisition


One of the most important tasks of the recent years was supporting our customers with their financial planning and capital acquisition. Even though every project basically originates from its own calculation plan, it is still our task to check this calculation first, in order to create a basic security for initiators and investors. It neither makes sense to calculate a project too positively, nor too negatively – the realistic case is generally the basis of our calculation methods („Real-Case-Calculation“). Furthermore the plan must then be adjusted to the respective strategy in order to subsequently create scenario calculations from which the investors-to-be can conclusively learn their return expectations.


The strategy for the capital acquisition then has to work individually in accordance with the respective project and interested parties. Are you looking for borrowed capital or private equity only? Does it make sense to consider a joint venture or creating your own fond? All these are basic questions that determine the direction of the acquisition strategy. We can support the customer in many ways by putting our network at his disposal and providing a success forecast. It is our goal to use our network as much as possible, and in an interdisciplinary way, in order to save time and resources while providing the best results at the lowest cost for our customers. Efficiency and success orientation are our highest guiding principles.

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